Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 27 - Day at La Concha beach

Day 27 - October 27, 2013

The weather forecast was sunny and 77, NOT! It was going to be our last chance to spend time at the beach. After doing several loads of laundry including sheets we walked to the bus station to find that the bus 40 we normally take to get to the area around La Concha beach did not run on Sunday. How many times during our SS portion of this trip has that happened. It's annoying. We figured out that bus 33 would go past our destination so we hopped on. Gray overcast skies took the excitement away from us. We set up and this was our view.

It was breezy enough and with no sun Julie never was able to get down to the bikini I long to see. Nice to be married to a woman that can still wear one and look damn good at 57 :) She puts on her music and lays back to enjoy the tunes while I explore the beach.

Fitness club behind us

This is the house Julie liked if we were ever to move here. Expensive taste!
The Queen of Spain would vacation here. Her own little paradise on the beach.

As the afternoon wore on it was still cloudy and blue skies were not on the menu. Forecast was wrong again! It was nice to just lay back and relax after all the chasing we have done. I decided to take pictures of the sights from the beach. Would be nice if we had those blue skies.

View to south
View to north
The day was rather uneventful but we did get time to chill and do nothing. The end is near as we leave early Wednesday morning for home. Forecast for Mon/Tues is rain and cold with high winds for here.  I mentioned yesterday that the Horror film festival was in town.

Wolfman forgot to take the make up off his back, YIKES!

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