Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 24 - Lazy day!

Day 24 - October 24, 2013

Terry here:

After our trip through the Pyrenees Villages and having several cocktails on our balcony we were beat up. It is going to be a lazy day. Julie is working on the blog and I am just walking around feeling extremely tired. Did some laundry. Wrote some more reviews for Trip Advisor. Took a nap, BORING!

Decided to try and find a bottle of Cassis and some cider. Cider is mostly produced in the Basque area and especially San Sebastian. Hit 3 grocery stores and found all kinds of cider but no Cassis. Started walking towards a busier area of our neighborhood not being able to read the signs to see if I could find a liquor store. There are none that I know of.

I see something happen that reminds me of a story we forgot to tell while in St Jean De Luz. While Julie was browsing a shoe store I noticed a 3 year old girl with no pants on being held by the arms and swinging between her mothers legs. Turns out she is practicing for when to pee. I can't help but watch not knowing what is going on until she starts to pee only when swinging away from mom. This is between 2 parked cars. Swing out, pee. Swing back, don't pee. Bizarre!

Today while on my journey I happen to see a 2-3 year old pulling her undies back up and after I pass, I glance back and the undies are totally off and she is peeing between 2 cars. I should have said "European"? (sic)

I need to find someone who speaks English to get directions to where I can Purchase Cassis. I round a corner and smile. Right in front of me is a bar that we hit on our Pintxos crawl and the bartender speaks English. He's never heard of Cassis but says to go over a block and down one and there is a Vino store that has some liqueurs. I go there and luckily she speaks English. I ask if she has it and she laughs and says no but she likes it with Champagne, BINGO! She directs me to another store that turns out to be an actual liquor store with many extras. I find the Cassis and also get a bottle of cider. I am happy. Walk back to apt and Julie and I have a glass to loud music coming from an apt that is to our right and down two floors.

We look and see a guy smoking a joint dancing on the balcony naked! He is swinging his arms as if conducting the awful music he has on and his junk is doing the same. We laugh and then go back inside. Julie is chatting via the internet with Sandy about her mother and I decide to crash because I am going back to St Jean De Luz to retrieve our GPS mount that we left in the car.

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