Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 9 - Walking Monte Urgill

Day 9 - October 9, 2013

After a good night's sleep, we get up and decide we're going to Monte Urgill to walk up to the statue of Jesus and scout out a picnic area for a future time.  We were looking at the bus route and noticed that Minibus 39 takes you right up to Urgill.  But wait, a glitch.  It only runs from May to September. So now Terry the bus man has to figure out which one to take to get us close to begin the walk up to the top of Urgill.  It turns out we can take Bus 13 to Boulevard 3, the main drag by Kursaal which leads around Monte Urgill along the water.   So that's what we did.  It was a good bit of walking to get to the entrance to start our climb up, but we enjoyed seeing the waves crash again and taking it slow.  Got to the entrance, and up, up, up, we started.  As we climbed higher each segment, it reminded us of the "EASY" walk we took in Austria.  Beautiful but all uphill.

Here are some pics of the ocean as we start our way up.

 We come to a little gated courtyard and Terry had to go inside to see what it was.  Turns out it's a small cemetery with three grave stones.  This one was the most elaborate.  It dates back to 1838.

Continuing on from the cemetery, we meet up with a couple from Essex, England.  He's walking and she's in a electric cart similar to the Hover Round.  She attempted to go up a steep incline but then stopped because it wasn't going to make it and she couldn't walk it back down.  So her husband went on up without her.  He only walked up a bit further to see if it would get more level, but no, the inclines were getting steeper.  So I guess they didn't make it up to the statue of Jesus.  We came to a fortress type structure which ended up being an actual castle.  There were cannons all around the ground floor area.

This fortress gives a complete panoramic view out over the city of San Sebastian, Playa de La Concha, Zurriola Beach, and Santa Clara Island.

View of the Old Town of San Sebastian

Zurriola Beach in Gros on the other side of Playa de La Concha

San Sebastian City Scape

View of Santa Clara Island from the fortress wall opening


There was a small museum located in the center that displayed some historical information and clothing back from the era.  Off to the side there were steep steps leading up further to the statue.

Statue of Jesus at the top of Monte Urgill

From here there was no way to get up any higher, so we started our descent.  First back down the steep staircase to the museum area.

As we made our way down, we were able to capture close up photos of the lighthouse on Santa Clara Island, the Palace, our favorite building, along with the boat dock at the Playa de La Concha and the end of the promenade around Monte Urgill,

The Lighthouse on Santa Clara

The Palace

Boat dock at Playa de La Concha

End of the walk and  promenade around Monte Urgill.

We made it to the end of our walk and it was time to get back to apartment to eat and of course, more cocktails :)  Terry cooked his roasted chicken and I ate my usual salad only this time with some yummy langostinos.

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