Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 18 - At Getaria, Spain

Day 18 - October 18, 2013

Starting out at about 11AM, we walked to our usual bus stop to get number 24 to take us to the Pesa Bus station.  Here we take the Lurralde Bus to Getaria.  We didn't have to leave early, because it's only about a half hour away and it's a very lovely fishing town.

Fountain at the Pesa Bus Terminal

We passed through some small villages along the way before approaching Getaria.  As we wound around coming into town, it opened up like a picture book.

The rocky coastline to Getaria

View of Getaria in the distance

Approaching closer to the town

San Anton - Which we'll climb

Getaria - Pretty as a postcard

The bus let us off at the town center where we'd start our journey to walk San Anton with it's natural park.

Getaria Town Center

Monument to Elcano
We walked down the only street in the old town that leads to the dock and mountain of San Anton.

 As we started our ascent up San Anton, the views had only begun.  Looking down on the town was a "sight for sore eyes" (where did they get that saying from?).  Walking up was a nature walk.

Looking down at the fishing boats at the dock

View to the north looking out at Getaria where we came into the town.

Unique rock carving on the way up the mountain

The higher we climbed the view got more spectacular.  Now we could see on the other side of Getaria heading south along the coast looking out to another mountain.

A relaxing rest spot on our way up the mountain.  What a view!

Looking south from San Anton

Continuing up we were coming to a lighthouse situated near the top of San Anton. On the way there were rocky cliffs jetting out to sea that were beautiful.

 We passed the lighthouse and only had a little more to go to reach the top where we could lock back down on it and out to sea.

It took an hour max to get to the top of the mountain.  It was a pretty easy walk with a few semi-steep spots but well worth it.  This was the main reason for us making the day trip here.

Of course getting back down went a lot faster.  When we reached the docks we scoped out a few places where we could eat.  As usual, our timing was off as most of the restaurants were now closing for the afternoon.  We'll never get that right!!  But we found a little dockside cafe that was open.  It was a bit more expensive but that's because you're right on the water.  The fried squid, scallops au gratin, and clams/squid in green sauce were delicious. The fried squid was stuffed with octopus and was very tasty.  Terry and I shared all three dishes and the only negative would be that the portion size was on the small side. We ordered bread to soak up the juices and fill our belly's :)

Getaria was well worth the visit.  It's a very picturesque town that most tourists would probably not ever see.  That's the kind of day trips we like to look for and we succeeded.

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