Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 26 - Pintxos Crawl

Day 26 - October 26, 2013

At this point of our 2 month vacation we are physically and mentally exhausted, but having a great time. Need to toughen up and get out and about with the good weather. In our apt, there is a Eiffel Tower that holds little forks that you would use for escargot, olives or even to clean a crab leg. It has the coloring of a cow, black and white spots. We are going to walk to old town in SS in search of this to bring home.

We walk through the Gros district, no, it's not a gross district, just the name of the neighborhood we are staying. We find some stores that have all kinds of cutesy gadgets but not what we are looking for. All around Spain you have Chinese people who run a business, not laundry, they are called "Bazar". These stores have everything you could possibly need in the home only very cheap. We searched several of these but only saw pigs and sheep stuff but no cows with forks in the tower. I'll bet this is sounding rather stupid. We are in Spain looking for something that goes with France.

We walk all the way to the old town with no luck. There's always the internet. This is the week of the Horror Film Festival here and we come to the Teatro Principal which is showing some of the horror movies up for nomination. From the looks of the advertisement we have seen, they look like they are from the 50's, strange!

Teatro Principal

All the ghouls have gathered, just in time for Halloween

When we met the couple from Seattle they had told us of a pintxos bar that served mainly seafood pintxos. We found it easily enough and had 3 mussel dishes that had different toppings. A spicy tomato sauce, a cole slaw with vinegarette and the 3rd was a garlic sauce, outstanding! Time to move to our favorite bar in SS.

Seafood heaven!

We enter La Cuchara de San Telmo and the bartender recognizes us right away. I am having the Beef Cheeks and Julie goes for the Risotto which we have not tried. We also order a glass of the sparkling white wine that is famous in this region, Txakoli. Julie has had it but I have not. After finishing of the best beef cheeks imaginable I sip the wine to clean my palette. YUK! I felt like throwing up! Not for me. Julie gladly downs the glass. I won't kiss her for a week (NOT) Her Risotto is good but nothing special. I'm happy as I have had the cheeks again, YUMMY!

We are walking the old town in a grid to see if we spot the Cow spotted Eiffel Tower with forks stuck in it but have no luck. Time to eat a little more. We stop at Borda Berri which is highly rated on Trip Advisor and supposedly they have the best cheeks anywhere. I'll believe that when I taste them!

Borda Berri, our 3rd stop.
We order the cheeks, a kabob which is really ribs and a pepper stuffed with cheeks and surrounded by melted goat cheese. I can't believe what I am experiencing. These cheeks are better than what I have had before, that's not possible! But wait, the pepper stuffed and surrounded is even better than the cheeks, how can this be? The ribs are very good but we should have had them first. I really wish that everyone I know could try the dishes we had here. You wouldn't leave :)

Continued to walk around the old town, our bellies full just soaking the atmosphere in. We come upon a little group that happens to be singing "My way" as we pass by......

Trio minus one
It's been another successful day but we are very tired at this point and head to the bus station because we are not walking anymore. Never did find our Eiffel Cow Fork Tower.

We love Paris and live in Wisconsin. What could be better? STOP LAUGHING AT US :)

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