Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 12 - Columbus Day in Spain

Day 12, October 12, 2013

Again wanted to make a day trip to Hondarribia, but realized it was a holiday, we weren't sure how the bus schedule worked and whether or not it was worth it to go.  Terry got depressed and didn't want to stay in the apartment.  Neither did I so, I suggested that we go to a pintxos restaurant that we wanted to go to last time we were here, but couldn't find it.  It's called La Cucharra de San Telmo, and we hit a home run!!  They are famous for their beef cheeks and they are fabulous!  That was our first choice.  I also had the famous sparkling wine, txakoli.  It's an art how they pour it. We also ordered the suckling pig which was fantastic as well (sorry, don't have a pix of it).  In addition we ordered duck foie gras, magret of duck, and a scallop pintxos.  

Bartender at La Cucharra de San Telmo pouring the txakoli

The fabulous beef cheeks

Magret of duck

Entrance to La Cucharra de San Telmo

We had plenty to eat because after ordering 6 pintxos, we ordered a half racione (plate) of the beef cheeks.  YUM!!  This restaurant was the best.  It even topped Farol in Lisbon that we also thought was great.

When we were finished, we took a stroll through the old town and got some more photos.

A typical street within the Old Town San Sebastian

Plaza Constitucion

Looking from Plaza Constitucion

One of the street performers.   How is he doing that????

Off to the promenade to catch our bus back to the apartment.  Here are shots along the way.

Buen Pastor Cathedral

One of the many garden areas within the promenade

It turned out to be a very nice day for us after all.  Terry felt better and I was glad we got out of the apartment.  Also received an email from my daughter with good news that my mom should be going home within a couple of days.  Life is good!

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