Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Days 4,5, and 6 - Nothing Exciting

Day 4 - October 4, 2013

Now that we were situated in the apartment, we knew we needed some sort of table for the balcony.  We had the two chairs.  So we went down to the Bazaar hoping to find a bargain.  Of course, it was closed because of the 2 - 5 time closure of everything that we keep forgetting.  So while we were waiting the half hour until re-opening, we noticed a fruit market down the way that had a good selection at great prices. The Bazaar is a "catch all" cheap store that has just about everything except groceries.  We didn't want to spend a lot so we found a plastic round stool that would serve the purpose as a table.  Since we have to leave it, we didn't want to spend a lot.  4 Euros later, we have our make-shift table and it's fine.    Now we're set on the balcony.

While we were setting up, the lady across the way told us we should water the plants.  Whomever lived here, hadn't been around for a while and the plants were dying.  I took all the dead leaves off of one, looks much better, and as far as the tomato plants, they are on their last leg.

Day 5 - October 5, 2013

Terry here: Got up early, big surprise there, and went out to discover the neighborhood. First thing is a walk to the beach to see how far it is. 3 minutes later and I am standing on the promenade. I start walking back towards SS when I notice a bus coming from the other direction. I think about the fact that we are farther away from everything because of our apt switch and watch to see where the bus goes. I see it stop and off I go in search of the name of the bus stop. Got there and realized I didn't have a pen to write down the name I can't pronounce, SHIT! I step around the corner to see a bus coming from the other direction and it stops across the street. I go over and will try and remember the name I can't pronounce of that stop. I continue walking back towards the apt and come to another bus stop. There is a little old lady waiting for the bus and in my best Spanish I ask "does this go to SS"?
She starts talking real fast in Spanish and I am F*@d! Have no clue what she said. I smile and say "gracias" and walk away. After walking a half mile and stopping at several bus stops, I need to go home and look up bus lines. I spend the next 3 hours trying to figure out how to get to and from SS by bus. I finally have a handle on it and am happy. Julie is not feeling to well because of girly stuff so I venture out again to walk the neighborhood and discover places. I find a very cheap fresh fish station only 2 blocks from the apt. As I scan the fresh fish I notice a number machine and take mine. I wait patiently and when my number is called, I yell "BINGO"! Get quite a few laughs and now I need to order what I want. I point and say "medio kilo" which means half a kilo which is roughly a pound. I walk out with a pound of langostinos, which is the better kind of shrimp for 5 euros, I am happy. Julie is up for some wine and so we enjoy cocktails on the deck eating fresh shrimp, YUM!

Day6 - October , 2013

Julie needs to see a doctor so we look up who and where to go for the guaranteed insurance we purchased. Julie finds only one place but it's not too far from here so after calling, we start to walk to the hospital. The walk is almost all uphill! We didn't even know that the neighborhood that the hospital is in existed until we called. Up, up, up we go. Finally we get to a street that goes down and I am smiling but wait! Turn the corner and up, up, up we go to find the hospital at the top of the hill. Not sure how anyone in a wheel chair would get here accept by taxi. The views were wonderful. Julie walks up to the receptionist and by using Spanish and a little French, she communicates with the lady who guards the entryway to the hospital. There is immediately some confusion about our insurance and we start to think that we are screwed. They finally have another woman come out who speaks English, sort of, and she tries to explain the situation to us but for every English word she speaks, 20 Spanish words come out, we are confused.

Finally Julie mentions HTH and all of the sudden we are golden. The receptionist smiles and says she knows the insurance and before long we are in the GYNO office, SUCCESS :)  After the exam and a few prescriptions later, we head back to the apt. How can this be, we are walking uphill???? Only for a short time and then we gradually go down. Stop at the Pharmacy and I am checking the time because the Colts start within the hour.  Julie goes into the bedroom to watch TV and I set up the computer to watch football. I can't get the game? I need my son! No, I decide to look for other links and finally find one and have only missed the first few minutes. Long story short, COLTS WIN AGAIN!!!!!  :)

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