Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 21 - Very Aggravating Day

Day 21 - October 21, 2013

The aggravation started early and built from there. Went to our fresh seafood place but of course, it was closed. No fresh seafood is sold on Monday's, not even the grocery stores. What's up with that?

We both started to work on our day trip into the Pyrenees in the French side of the Basque region and even though we didn't need too much information it was as usual, very hard to find. It seems since we arrived in SS we have struggled to find ways to get to our preferred destinations. Nothing is easy here!

Terry was sending me all the pictures from our walk through Ulia when all of the sudden his phone was no longer connected to Wi-Fi. The 40 or so pictures he sent to my e-mail didn't arrive. He was pissed and wanted to throw the phone over the balcony. To further aggravate him, all the pictures that were stored in the Gallery were gone! I thought he was going to cry. He was bummed. After taking the battery out of the phone to reset it, still nothing worked and the pictures were gone. I continued catching up on the blog as Terry was saying how stupid he is when it comes to today's electronics and that any 10 year old would know how to fix the problem.

We decided to unplug the modem because our son always says to try this. I went back to the computer to continue the blog and when Terry plugged the modem in, pictures started to appear in my inbox. We were relieved that his phone was reconnected but fearful of the lost pictures. He checked the gallery and all the pictures were there! WTF?

Terry then finally found the small city in the mountains he was looking for but no way to get there accept by car. We had checked pricing and decided that we would rent the car in St Jean de Luz and go from there.

We checked to see where the metro station in SS is located. We didn't even know it existed until today. They have an early metro to Hendaye which is just across the border in France. Checking the train from Hendaye to St Jean is in Spanish and won't translate to English. More aggravation when Terry types in his departure and destination and it won't give him schedules. He tries another site and it isn't helping either. Turns out on the website Hendaye is spelled differently. WTF?

As I am finishing the Getaria part of the blog, Terry yells "I got it"! Finally after over 3 hours he gets the info needed. We now have a plan. I begin the blog about our walk through Mt Ulia. We have been doing this all day now and it's time to eat and for Terry have a stiff drink. He only has one because he woke up at 2 AM to watch the Colts and didn't get much sleep and he crashes.

Later, Sandy informs me that my mother has been rushed to the hospital via ambulance because of pains in her stomach area. She has been in and out of the hospital several times while we have been in Europe. Do we stay or do we go has been the theme. Luckily, Sandy has been with my mom most of the time and they both told us to enjoy what's left of our trip and they would inform us with updates whenever possible. They are giving her antibiotics to see if that will get rid of the infection in her colon, if not they will perform surgery and take part of it out. My mom is not happy as she can't stand being stuck and not being able to get out and about as usual. Sandy and I are Google chatting till after midnight.

Now you know why this day is titled "Very Aggravating day" :(

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