Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 17 - Blog Catch-Up Day and The Beach

Day 17 - October 17, 2013

We knew the morning was going to be a cloudy one with a slight chance of rain so Julie caught up on this blog and I ran around town getting more fresh seafood and other groceries that were needed. Also stocked up on Beer, Wine and purchased my first European bottle of Jack, life is good :)

The weather did break and it became sunny and in the mid 70's so we decided to go to the beach for possibly the last time due to weather forecasts. Of course, the forecasts have been wrong as usual.

At the beach, Julie was laying in the sun and I was laying in the shade being provided by my beach umbrella. It was on the windy side and the surfers were out in abundance. I didn't bring the camera because we already have several shots of Zurriola Beach. That was stupid! The waves were large and it was entertaining watching the surfers crash and burn. There were several near misses of them running into each other. The waves were also crashing into the rocks and rising into the air with tremendous force. Insert photo here, NOT!

I think Julie actually fell asleep for awhile and I was entertained by the surfers, the waves and the many topless women enjoying the sun. Even watched a hunk of a guy strip down to nothing right on the beach to put on his wetsuit. I was jealous and not because of the wetsuit :)

When we got back to the apt we finished our plans for tomorrow's day trip to Getaria, Spain, a small fishing village on the coastline south of here, until then................

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