Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 28, 29, 30 - Time to pack up and head home

Day 28 - October 28,2013

The weather was against us as we had rain on and off all day. Spent most of the day doing laundry so that when we eventually packed everything would be clean when we got home. Was able to pick up some cod for under $3 per pound, fresh. Sat out on the balcony with our jackets on due to the colder weather. Watched what I started calling "Rear Balcony" as a take off on Hitchcock's "Rear Window". Just like in the movie, we could see everything that was going on from our view. There were no murders but we had several neighbors who's routine we knew well. The two guys in different apt's that just about every day would roll a joint and smoke it leaning out their windows. The lady to our left who always put her canary out at the same time and took it in the same way. I whistled with that canary for all 28 days we were there. Another guy who would always open his window and shake out rugs, towels anything he could get his hands on. Never saw him do anything else. Silhouette girl who we think was painting on an easel at night. Never opened her window so we never actually saw her. The older lady straight across who seemed to be hanging laundry out continuously. Two families in different apt's that always sat at the kitchen table and ate together. Had one woman who was always laying in bed and her little kids would come for a visit until she sent them away. I later noticed an 75-80 year old woman (her mother?) who would hang out the laundry and clean the kitchen while she laid in bed. Of course we also heard some of the neighbors getting it on very loudly. The girl was muffled at one point so he could let us know that his business was climaxing. Who could forget the earlier mentioned stoner who dances naked on his balcony smoking a joint to very bad music. Nudity in the window doesn't seem to be a big deal here, just another day in SS :)

Day 29 - October 29, 2013

Short load of yesterdays laundry and then we packed up because we leave for home early in the morning. We managed to get our luggage closed and zipped but not without effort. I was taking any left over spices, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, coffee, etc. so my bag was filled to the max. Went out for some Italian food because after awhile you actually get tired of Pinxtos even  if they are delicious. Took the bus into town and ate at a place that had pretty good reviews. Julie's dish of a tortellini with gargonzola and mushroom sauce was actually pretty good. I had the traditional lasagne because I wasn't sure what they meant by "sausage" here and I know the beef sucks. It was OK if you like sauce that reminds you of Chef Boy R Dee :)

Back to the apt and we nibbled on anything that was left in the fridge and then watched TV for a short time. They show the same thing day in and day out, sorta like home! Cleaned the apt, washed all the towels and hung them outside to dry. Isn't this exciting? Set the alarm that everyone knows will not go off when it's set for so you need to wake up several times to check if you've, God forbid, overslept.

Day 30 - October 30, 2013

The cab is supposed to be outside our door at 5:45 AM but we have a back up plan just in case. I had scouted out the 24 hours a day cab stand and even though I couldn't understand what the drivers were telling me, I finally got it when one of them got out of the car and brought me over to a sign that I think said "Cabs 24 Hours". It also was in Spanish but I understood the "24".

Julie decided to go down the elevator at 5:35 to await the cab. Two people and their luggage don't fit so you have to go down separately. The phone in the apt rings and I'm thinking, "Who the hell is calling at this hour"? It's Julie, the cab is here.  We arrive at the airport 20 minutes later. All is well.

The San Sebastian airport is actually located near the French border and is so small that we believe that the plane lands, let's people off on the runway and then the new passengers board and then it takes off again. There are no other planes parked anywhere! We check our bags and head to security but security isn't open yet, WHAT? The flight is at 7:30 but they don't open till 7? It's a prop plane and there are not too many people boarding. We have row 5. We enter from the rear of the plane and the isle numbers start at 1,2 and so on. Our seats are in row 5 but from the back of the plane, WHAT?

Up we go and it's smooth sailing to Madrid. After a 3 hour layover we board the Airbus and head back home. It was a very smooth flight and the plane seemed newer and had the computers on the back of the seats with TV, movies, games, etc. Couldn't sleep much and walked around the plane several times to get the circulation going. I don't know how Julie can stay in her seat for as long as she does. I was excited because one of the movies was "The Lone Ranger" which I used to watch with my dad way back when. The movie SUCKED! Actually it was beyond SUCKED!

The 2 month vacation ends as we land at O'hare. In retrospect we loved almost everything we did. Lisbon was a very pleasant surprise with it's beauty and convenience of getting around. The people were very helpful and friendly. Can definitely see going back. San Sebastian is a beautiful city but getting around for day trips is a bit of a hassle without a car. The food was outstanding. The original apt was a disappointment but we ended up in one we really liked and got a chance to see "Rear Balcony" :)

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