Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 15 - Donuts, Day Trip Planning, and Blog Catch Up

Day 15 - October 15, 2013

Today, Terry was making donuts.  This is the third time now that he's done this and we might be asking for trouble when we get home.  They are really good and this time he was going to try some with cinnamon sugar and chocolate to go along with the plain ones.  They turned out great except the ones with chocolate leaked chocolate after he took them out. Live and learn. They still had some left but not what he put in. They were still good.

The donuts, plain  in front, chocolate filled back left, and cinnamon back right

After he was finished he went to the Pesa Bus station to check the bus schedule and get tickets for our day trip to Saint Jean de Luz tomorrow. On the return trip home he stopped into a local fish market and noticed the pricing change due to today's catch. He came home with 1 1/4 lb of both fresh cod and fresh tuna for just over $7 total, WOW and YUM! While  he did that, I needed to catch up on the last few days for the blog.  

After we ate a dinner of Seared Tuna with Garlic Aoli sauce, we got everything ready we wanted to take with us for the day trip  in our backpacks because we had to get up early to catch the bus. 

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