Sunday, September 22, 2013

Days 20 and 21 - Explanations For Delay in Last Two Posts

Days 20 and 21- September 20, 21 2013

Odds and ends from the guest blogger.

I wanted to praise Julie for her persistence and knowledge in creating this blog. After our day trip to Sintra, she was faced with well over 100 pictures and kept at it until she created the slideshow to make it easier to read and see. Then with the bullfights she again figured out how to send our video to You Tube and then be able to place it in the blog for everyone to view. I am proud of her patience in doing this. That is the reason for the delay's in getting the last couple of days blog out. She spent the better part of 2 days developing it. That is why yesterday we only worked on the blog and the rest of our stay in Lisbon. The best part of this is that we did not have to ask our young adults how to do this. I'm sure all the techies out there are laughing at how easy this should have been.

The weather here has been fantastic. Had a couple of days in the mid 70's but the rest of the time it has been 84-94 with no humidity. The sun has been shining all along. I was out and about continually even with the hot weather. Humidity is my problem. Unfortunately the forecast from Wednesday till we leave on Sunday for San Sebastian is rain. We have a day trip and several other areas we will explore between today and Wednesday.

Lisbon, Portugal might not be high on anyone's bucket list but it should be. We have never felt more comfortable anywhere we have been like we am here. The people are respectful and very helpful. It is  a very beautiful country, the food is wonderful and as I said, the people are here to help. Julie will be back with the blog again tomorrow :)

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