Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 14 - Another Cascais Beach Day

Day 14 - September 14, 2013

Can't believe that I actually have Terry going to the beach again.  Wow, three times now.  That's a record for our entire married life of 37 years.  Really!!

For a weekend, it wasn't as crowded as we thought it would be.  They had the Aquatlo Cascais going on at the Duquesa Beach (beach adjacent to us) which is a swimming and running event for all ages. 

Though a bit hard to see, in the background the swimmers have begun the race

Swimmers engaged in a water polo match

One of the may runners crosses the finish line

Here is a photo of the beach area in Cascais.  Beautiful, isn't it?

Terry got brave and without sunscreen, went for a walk to take these pics .  He knows better than that, but he tried.  After a couple of hours in the sun, we headed to a Trip Advisor recommended restaurant.  We haven't been steered in the wrong direction yet with them, between apartments and restaurants.  They're great for researching these things.  On the way we stopped to get a sundress I spotted the last time we were here, one size fits all and only 10 Euros.

At the restaurant, Dom Pedro, Terry ordered a Grilled Black Scabbard fish dish, similar to eel, but more of a white fish. He enjoyed it very much.  I decided to go the safe route and order the pork slices which was a mistake.  It was good, but overcooked and served with both rice and french fries.  A little too many carbs for me.  Again, why order something like that when the restaurant is noted for it's fresh fish.  Live and learn.

After a light lunch, which was very economical, 20 euros for both meals and a carafe of white wine, it was time to visit Jumbo Hipermarket again to look for my daughter's BB cream and to pick up some hamburgers and fixings that we have been craving for.  Then it was back to the apartment after another full day.

I noticed that the sun wasn't Terry's friend again.  He really is sensitive to it if he doesn't wear sunscreen.  He has the little red bumps on his upper arms.  Not as bad of a bout as in Tahiti, but he really has to be careful in the sun.


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