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Day 7 - A Walk to Parque Eduardo VII

Day 7 - September 07, 2013

We began our journey from Praca dos Restauradores to Parque Eduardo VII.  The course takes us through the more affluent section of Lisbon along the tree-lined parkway of Avenida da Liberdade with fountains, monuments, banks, theaters, modern apartment buildings, and upscale designer shops.  It's a fantastic walk within the shade of the trees and bordering cafes.

Fountain Statue of Neptune

Statue of Simon Bolivar

Monument of Grand Guerra

The modern BBVA Bank building
Tivoli Theater since 1924 - Hosting plays, dance, and music venues
The Fly London upscale shoe and accessories store
New apartment building

After walking for about 3 miles, we come to the large roundabout (similar to that of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris) which is the Praca Marques de Pombal, just south of the Parque Eduardo VII. 

Sebastiao Josede Carvalho e Melo, ruling prime minister from 1750 to 1777

Crossing the street to the north of the Praca Marques de Pombal, we get a view from the southern point of the Parque Eduardo VII.

We proceeded up the left side of the park to get to the top.  As the walk is all uphill, we took a couple of rests on benches along the way and took some photos of the Carlos Lopes Pavilion and ducks in a pond.

Carlos Lopes Pavilion

When we reached the top of the park, we turned into the square and stood in awe!

This is a view of Lisbon looking out to the Tagus River from the top point of Parque Eduardo VII
Terry and I both commented that this view has to be the most magnificent we've seen in Europe!
Also in the distance we were able to capture a shot of Castelo Sao Jorge.  Just marvelous!

Situated within the square at the top of the park stands a fountain and the Portuguese Flag

Across the street from the top of Park Eduardo is a garden area dedicated to Amalia Rodrigues, a Portuguese singer and actress, known as the Queen of Fado.  Fado is a unique form of music, usually sad melodies and lyrics about the sea and life of the poor.   It dates back to 1820's Portugal.
The garden boasts some beautiful flowers and the first Michelin star restaurant in Lisbon.

Here is the fabulous panoramic view of the entire Parque Eduardo VII seen from the garden of Amelia Rodrigues.


Eleven- the first Michelin star restaurant in Lisbon

Before we ended our awesome picturesque walk, (at El Corte Ingles next to the Amelia Rodrigues Garden) we noticed an imposing building behind the restaurant.  You'll never guess what it was...........


How unusual to have this be standing near the most beautiful vista in Lisbon! 

Arriving back at the apartment, we started our dinner for the evening,
Fresh Tuna with White Bean Cassoulet.  Yum

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  1. Just out of curiosity, what you describe as "New apartment building" is in fact the headquarters of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP). Yes, they are located at the most capitalist avenue in Lisboa....