Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 18 - Sintra: Pena (Part 2)

Day 18 - September 18, 2013


Before heading to Pena Palace, we walked around the town of Sintra.  We came to some fascinating buildings along the way.  Sintra Town Hall is situated at the main square .

Sintra Town Hall

Walking along the main road we were able to capture other palatial structures before catching bus 434 to get us up to Pena Palace.

The National Palace

Though not famous, another palace nestled in the hills

 We arrived at Pena Palace after opting to take the tram to avoid a long climb to the entrance.  It's a grand structure overlooking all of Sintra.  At the top it was cloudy and very windy.  The sun would peak through the clouds now and then to assist us in capturing some good photos.  The palace and the grounds are massive.  If it were a clearer day, you would be able to see all the way to Cascais, our favorite beach.  Renovations were taking place at various points within the palace. We took many photos of the exterior and interior of the palace.  Here is a link to the photos.  Hope you enjoy.

(Note:  when you click on the above link, you may have to hit the option to open link.  At the beginning of the slideshow, hit pause and change the transition speed located at the bottom of the photo.  The slideshow will just loop back to the beginning.)

After arriving back in the town, we were geared up to have Chinese food before leaving.  The restaurant sits right across from the train station so that was convenient.  It was very reasonably priced but the food was rather plain.  We enjoyed a bottle of wine with our meal all for  a total of 15 Euros!

An interesting reflection from the restaurant window

It was a full day in Sintra,  a very picturesque and charming town.

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