Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 27 - Colombo Mall in Lisbon and Dinner at Grapes and Bites

Day 27 - September 27, 2013

Since it was going to be a rainy day, we decided to make a day of it at the Colombo Mall and then have an early dinner at Grapes and Bites.  Before heading to the mall we made a stop at the Campo Grande Bus station to get our bearings for our day trip to Obidos on Sunday.  It was quite confusing at the station and we had no idea which actual station the bus would go from.  No one who worked there could even give us any good information on where to go.  Then Terry happened to remember that it was located near an apartment complex that a trip advisor contributor had mentioned in his description of the station.  So we found it and now know how to get there for our Sunday adventure.

Headed to the mall after that which has 420 shops and 60 restaurants inside.  It's one of the largest malls in Europe.  It is overwhelming when you get there and most of the shops are high end and designer ones.  No special clearances going on there.    Here are links to what it looks like outside and in.  Pretty incredible.

Didn't end up buying anything there but it was nice to just look around.  At one of the electronic and appliance stores, wanted to see if they had a portable inexpensive printer for our computer.  Saw one but it was still to large, heavy, and too expensive. 

After spending 3 hours at the mall (which was hard to believe) it was time to go to Grapes and Bites (I kept calling it Grapes and Vines).  Terry had researched this restaurant at the time of planning our trip to Lisbon.  It's a quaint little bistro with hundreds of different wines and an array of appetizers of cheeses and sausages They also have a small entree selection with some delectable choices.  . 

Ordered a bottle of wine and had a fresh goat cheese appetizer and some olives.  I am a cheese lover so I was in heaven.  Terry was pleasantly surprised at how good the goat cheese was.  It came presented with mint and fresh tomatoes with a light sauce that had a bit of a sweet note to it.  After we finished, the chef came up to our table and we told him how good it was.  He then said he was
going to make us a special cheese appetizer at no charge, it was on him.  Well, he came out with a beautifully presented plate of cheese with figs and a pumpkin sauce.  It was fabulous.  Ordered another appetizer consisting of different sausages (like salami) and other cheeses that was accompanied by sweet pickled onions and more of the pumpkin sauce.  YUM!!

We didn't stop there either. We ordered another bottle of wine and Terry ordered two entrees, a roasted cod casserole and stuffed small peppers with more cheese.  I had the peppers and Terry ate the roasted cod.  Needless to say, these were both excellent.  I then went on to have a dessert, ricotta (more cheese) with another pumpkin sauce.  It was very light and good.  I don't know how I ate that much!!  But it was worth it!!  Two bottles of wine, three appetizers, 2 entrees, and a dessert, all for
75 Euros.  Not bad!

Afterwards, we were very full and took a leisurely stroll by the river, down from the apartment.  It was a good day!!

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