Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 6 - Sao Jorge Castle in Lisbon

Day 6 - Sept. 6, 2013

We woke early to get a jump on the crowd headed to see the Castelo Sao Jorge.  Terry made a "dry run" earlier so he had an idea which way to walk. Here is a photo of a sailboat that looks like a pirate ship that he saw at the marina where a Costa cruise ship was docking in between two other ships and managed to make it with no mishaps.

We made our way to the cable car stop and got on cable car #28 with the intention of avoiding walking up too many hills.  Well, we missed our stop to the castle and ended up walking the hills anyway and wasting a cost of a ride on our Viva Viagem card.  Figures!

We get to the castle and have to pay 7.50 euros each which is a bit steep for the experience.  But that's the price you pay for a look back in time.  

Upon entering the castle grounds, we came across a lookout point from the outskirts of the castle where you can view the city.

View of the city square, Praca do Comercio, with the cannon pointed out to sea

From here, we move on to the entrance of the fortified castle.  Peacocks and their babies graze in what once was the moat of the castle and greet us as we enter.

Beautiful colors
Momma and her babies
Entrance to Castelo Sao Jorge, built around the 10th century
After walking across the bridge at the entrance, we arrive at a cove where the Tower of Ulysses stands.

Tower of Ulysses, or Tower of Riches which housed the royal treasure

Next, we come to the grand interior where you're able to climb up the stairs and walk the perimeter of the castle.  Here is where I bow out because of my fear of heights and Terry proceeds in order to further explore the area and to capture the views from above.

One of the many stairways within the castle walls

Looking down from one of the stairways, Yikes!

The flag of Portugal majestically perched atop Tower of the Keep

Vista looking out to sea from one of the "windows" of the castle

Tower of the Cistern, for collection and storage of rain water

View of the city looking out from the Tower of the Cistern

I'm not as fascinated with castles as Terry is.  To me, once you've seen one, you've seen them all.  But, it's important to him so I go along for support. I will admit that seeing these structures standing the test of time for so many years is incredible.

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