Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 3 And 4 Lisbon, Portugal

Nothing really to report on Day 3.  Spent most of the day resting as all the traveling caught up with us.  Thought we'd found a Supermercado like those in Spain but turned out to be a health food store.

Day 4 - A Suggested Walking Tour of Lisbon We Found On Trip Advisor

Today we got up early, had our morning coffee, and set out for a day of exploring the city.  We started out from the Rato metro stop at the old square of Largo do Rato and headed up Rua Escola Politecnica to the Praca do Principe Real.  Had some photo opportunities of interesting streets and ornate buildings along the way.

From here, we continued to Sao Pedro de Alcantara, the two tier square where you can view the beautiful garden within and overlook the whole city of Lisbon.  Adjacent to the garden is the Gloria Elevator, a funicular that has transported people up and down the hill to the center of the city since 1885.

Miradouro De Sao Pedro De Alcantara

The Gloria Elevator - Funicular since 1885

Moving on, we come to the next square off Rua da Misericordia, where we entered the
Sao Roque Church with it's wooden painted ceiling and  small ornate chapels that align the sides leading up to the alter.

   Ceiling medallion depicting the
   Glorification of the Cross

  Chapel of Our Lady of Piety
  Completed in 1711
  Burial place of Martim Gonçalves da Câmara (1539–1613)
  it's founder

  The Chancel, completed in 1628

Upon leaving the Sao Roque Church, we weave around the streets as we proceed to the Convento do Carmo located in Carmo Square.  The medievil convent was ruined in the 1755 earthquake leaving only remnants of the church and museum. The famous Sao Justa Elevador is next to it where you can go to the top to get some spectacular views of the Convent (archeological ruins), ,Castle of  Sao Jorge, dating back to 2nd century BC , and the Praca do Rossio with it's fountains and statue of King Pedro IV.

  Main Door of the Convento do Carmo
   that remains standing from the 1755 Earthquake

Facade of part of the
Museum of the Convent do Carmo

 The fortified Castle of San Jorge, dating from the
 2nd century BC with a Moorish influence.

  Praca do Rossio with fountains and statue of King Pedro IV

After taking the photos from the top of the San Justa Elevador, we walked to the beautiful Rossio train station, located off Praca do Rossio, where you would depart for day trips to Sintra, a city of
regal estates and palaces with rich Portuguese history.

We ended our walk in the Praca do Rossio at Tasca Pombolina where we enjoyed some cocktails and a quick bite to eat. Terry ordered some tripe with beans along with fried cod while I had a bread and cheese appetizer all of which were very good.  Coincidentally, a sunglass vendor approached us while we were eating.  Earlier in the day, Terry had broken his sunglasses so he needed to get a new pair.  Though the 20 Euros the vendor wanted was not appealing, Terry used his negotiation skills and managed to get them for 6 Euros.  Not bad!.

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