Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 1 and 2 in Lisbon, Portugal

We arrived in Lisbon yesterday, Sept. 01, after a LONG trip here.  The AA plane from JFK was so small for an international trip.  Never again will we use a domestic carrier to travel internationally. Service was terrible and offerings on the flight are nothing compared to international carriers.

Finding the apartment was very easy, thanks to Terry's research. It  is situated in a great location of the city and is very nice.  The river (which is adjacent to the ocean) is right down the street. The living room and kitchen are small, but the two bedrooms are quite roomy.  There are three small balconies, one off the kitchen, and one off the main bedroom.  Both of these will get sun most of the day.  The other balcony is located off the second bedroom and that one is pretty much shaded which is good. 

People here have been very friendly and helpful.  We found a quaint little tapas bar off Rossio Square called Tasca Pombalina, one of the oldest in Lisbon, that we definitely will be going to.  It was recommended to us by a waiter from the sandwich and pastry shop below our apartment.  He also has many different food items on his menu. After that it was time to go back to the apartment to eat a pizza we purchased at the store (pretty good for a refrigerated pizza) and to get some well needed sleep.

This morning, 09/02 we headed down to the river to check out the sites there.  It's a beautiful area to have a leisurely walk.  We took the Metro from there to El Corte Ingles (a great department store with a supermarket) to pick up some basic food items we needed for our first dinner prepared in Lisbon.

This afternoon we went to find out where the fresh fish market was.  It opens early and closes by 2PM so we will go back sometime this week.  We bought some fresh flowers there for the apartment and decided to just chill at the apartment today.


  1. On your first day you had a frozen pizza....???

    1. It was a Sunday when we arrived. We were so tired when we got to the apartment, we just went to the store to get some basic food and decided to just make that. We've had it before in Spain. Yes, it's weird, but who cares?

  2. Where do i find info on the apt

  3. Julie, I would love to know where your apt is as I am looking for a 2 bedroom apt in a good location. We are spending a week in Lisbon sept/14.